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New Year’s Resolutions for Campers

New Year’s Resolutions for Campers

The year is drawing to an end.  We have all probably spent the last few weeks singing along to Mariah Carey, groaning when Whamageddon happened, and indulging in as much mistletoe and wine as we possibly can handle.  Right at the end of all the frivolity and celebration, we get serious – if only for a minute.


It’s that time when we make pledges about the year to come.  We promise to lose that weight, ditch those cigarettes, complete those novels, or get that dream job.  But what about something just for fun?


If you love camping, then why not incorporate your passion and hobby into your New Years pledges.  Here are some New Year’s resolutions for campers.

 New Years Camping Chairs and Tent

Explore somewhere new


Is there somewhere that you have never been that has been itching your adventure nerve?  Make 2023 the year you put on your tricorne and set out for Eldorado.  Try something new; try somewhere new.  There are plenty of UK spots that have their own character and offer new experiences.  Or maybe take that plunge and go abroad.


Take a longer camping holiday


You are probably used to a few days, or even a week.  Why not extend your camping time and test out your survival skills on a two week or a month-long adventure.  Plan something a little more adventurous.


What can you do with a few more weeks in the wild?


Try camping in every 2023 season


It’s easy to go camping in spring when the weather is nice, the temperature just right, and the campsites have lots of activities.  It isn’t so easy in the harsh winter weather, or the baking July sun.


Challenge yourself to going out in every season of 2023.  Embrace the snows, the rains, the unbearable heat.  Have a great adventure and use all your new fancy Christmas camping presents.  It’s all about trying something new.

 New camping person

Introduce someone new to camping


Some people just don’t like the idea of camping.  They like their plush hotels, their hot tubs, and swim up bars.  They assume that camping is about pulling bugs out of their clothes, waking up with a face full of dirt, or making tea on an open fire with powdered milk and nettles. 


Grab one of those unconverted holidaymakers and convince them to come along on your next camping trip.  Show them how much fun they can have on an adventure in the wild, or even on a campsite.  Change their minds about how much fun camping really is.


Have fun


It might sound corny, and it might sound obvious, but camping is about having fun.  If you are thinking about taking out your tent or motorhome this year, make sure you plan to go somewhere fun.  There are plenty of places, experiences, or events to attend, and camping is an excellent cost-effective way to do this.  Make sure, whatever your resolutions are, to plan with enjoyment in mind.


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