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What to consider when buying your first tent?

What to consider when buying your first tent?

When you first go camping, often it is with someone else.  Then you get the bug; you want to do more camping.  You want the freedom to be able to camp whenever you want.


That means investing in equipment.  That means buying your own tent.


Does it sound daunting?  A tent pretty much is the most important investment you will need to make.  But there are so many.  They come in all different sizes and colours.  But what is best for you?


This article will help you work out what to consider when buying your first tent.

 Tent camping night

Think about the space and size of tent you will need


Bigger is not always best.  It might sound like a strange thing to say, surely you want as much room as possible to store all your food and gadgets.


That all depends on the type of camping you do.


If you are going to somewhere like Searles in Hunstanton, you are likely to have your car on the pitch with you.  So, you don’t necessarily need an oversized tent that is more difficult to erect.  Think about conservatively about your space when you buy a tent.



Consider the “when” of the camping



How regular a camper are you going to be?  Are you going to wait until the skies are a consistent blue and the sun is making us all grumpy?  Or, are you the sort of person that likes listening to the sound of rain beating on the tent wall?


Not all tents are suitable for all weather.  Those tents that are used for summer are usually a lightweight material.  In the winter these tents are going to be really cold, and perhaps even less waterproof.


When you are looking for your tent, make sure that you are considering the season.

 Tent Dog Rain Reetriever

Consider how easy it is to assemble



There is no shame to admitting that you are a novice.  There is also no shame in wanting to spend more time enjoying your break than putting up your tent.  If you are not an expert camper and you need an easy-to-erect tent; then get one.


It is much more important that you enjoy the experience of camping than it is trying to out-Bear the Grylls. 


There are various types of tents, and some of them come with better instructions, or are much simpler to put up in the first place.  Read up on each tent and invest in the right one for you and your family.



Your budget needs serious consideration



Tents are like a lot of cool and interesting things.  You get what you pay for.  Your budget is important.  It does go a long way to determining the quality of tent you are going to come away with.  There are ways to get better quality tents for less, however.


Consider end of season tents, or those that are a few seasons old.  Consider a traditional pole tent as opposed to polycotton or inflatable if you’re on a tight budget.


Whatever you decide, check out our online shop for all your camping essentials.

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