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The UK’s 5 best camping locations

The UK’s 5 best camping locations

There is nothing that a brit likes better than a good holiday.  Whether they choose to go abroad to an all singing all dancing resort and sit by the pool, or an adventure in some lost wilderness, we just love getting away.


Some, and present company included, prefer to go away and enjoy the outdoor elements.


There is nothing better than curling up in a tent at the end of a day of adventure.  So here are our top five camping locations.


Camping in Hunstanton


Searles, Hunstanton: good for the entire family

Not every camping holiday needs to be about hiking boots and sweltering forests.  Good holiday towns accommodate for campers, and it is a good place to get the young one started.


Hunstanton has campsites a stone’s throw from the beach, and all are a short walk from the main front.  It has everything that your family could possibly want.  Swimming pools, theme park rides, joke shops, bars, and great places to put your cream-crackered kids to sleep at night.


Fen Farm, Essex: cost-effective and quaint

If you are looking for a serene atmosphere, a five-minute walk from a beach, and doesn’t break the bank; then Fen Farm is Essex comes highly recommended.  This dog friendly park is old fashioned and tranquil.


Seemingly undisturbed by the rise of glamping, Fen Farm languishes in Mersea Island, Essex.  Although it is not ideally placed if you are looking for a wild adventure, it is a beautiful place to relax for a short stay.


And the sea is clean.


Camping in UK


High Oaks Grange, Pickering: a glampers delight

For some, the idea of camping is far better than actually doing it.  But, hotels don’t afford you the freedom to lay in and enjoy a late breakfast, or do things at your own pace.


Well, there is an in-between.


At the High Oaks Grange you can stay in hyper-modern pods that include king-sized beds, high-speed WiFi, and a smart television.  Just what all camping holidays require.


Cornish Tipi Holidays: perfect for seclusion

One thing a lot of campers like about camping, is the distinct lack of other human beings.  Going all the way down to Cornwall you can hire a North American tipi, or bring your own pop-up with poles and camp in a hidden woodland valley.


You can pitch in private spots, or open meadows, so if you really want to be anti-social you can.  Great for fishing holidays, as there is a gorgeous lake you can swim, canoe, or wade in.


Whitby Abbey


Whitby Holiday Park: for the history buffs

Finally, if you’re a culture and history buff then Whitby is both picturesque, and haunting.  Bram Stoker was inspired by the seaside town when writing his most famous work.


The local abbey dates back to the 1200s and you can still discover the daily life of the monks who lived here.  After Henry VIII dissolved the monasteries in the UK, eventually Whitby Abbey fell to ruins.  These are a short way from the holiday park and are an interesting place to visit.


If you are thinking of camping this year, these places are intriguing and fascinating to visit.  Go to our shop to find everything you need for your camping holiday.

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