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Safety tips for first time campers

Safety tips for first time campers

It’s perfectly natural to be worried about safety the first time you go camping.  You might have watched enough Bear Grylls to be frightened that it’s all about trying to find water in elephant dung.  Or you may worry about security and your possessions being damaged or stolen.  On the other hand it is also easy to underestimate any risks because you are camping at a resort.


Whenever you decide to camp, there could always be some risk.  Nothing is ever so safe that you don’t have to at least worry about your health and safety.


If you’re about to embark on your first camping experience, here are some important safety tips.


Fire pit health and safety camping 


Start by having a first aid box


Let’s start with the basics.  You could get cut just opening a magazine, let alone how hurt you could get with the tools it takes to put up a tent.  You can’t wrap the world up in cotton wool, so being prepared is important.


Make sure you pack a first aid box that contains plasters, eye-wash, bandages, and sterilising wipes at the very least.  These will deal with a multitude of injuries that are easy to pick up wherever you are.


Keep an eye on your campfire


If you are making a fire when you’re camping, you probably already know that fire is dangerous.  But it doesn’t hurt to press the point, just in case you are distracted.  The following points should help keep you safe:


  • Use an approved fire pit or rig
  • Clear any debris from around the fire
  • Keep fire at least 15 feet away from your tent
  • Don’t go to sleep with it still burning
  • Keep pets and kids away at all times


Fire is not only dangerous to you, but to the environment around you.  They can also quickly go out of control, so make sure you have water close to hand just in case.


Lake water and safety 


Water isn’t always safe either


If you are venturing into the wild, it is best to bring your own water.  Don’t fill up in lakes unless you have reputable sterilising products that will keep you safe.  Moreover, be careful of larger bodies of water if you fancy a swim.


Not only could the water be contaminated with poisonous algae, but you also have no concept of depth.  There could be undercurrents and steep drops below the water’s surface.  Unless you are a strong swimmer it is best to not venture out too far.  Even then, treat water with respect.


Campers make for great meals


Even in the UK there are things that just want to eat you.  From midges to mosquitos, you could be in for a very uncomfortable trip if you don’t apply the appropriate potions, lotions, or creams.  Make sure you are prepared and to avoid infection by doing what you can to keep the little beasties away.


You could also invest in mosquito nets or other ways to stop the bugs from entering your tent whilst you sleep.


Sunburn camping


Think about safety in the sun


Creams and lotions aren’t just for animals.  Over the past few years, we have had some hot summers.  The last thing you want is to develop a thin skin of crackling when you’re out enjoying yourself.  Not only is it going to uncomfortable to lie on, but it can also actually be dangerous for your health.


Make sure that you have the right products to protect your skin from burning.  Even if you’re not prone to burning, it is always worth while having protection from the sun.


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