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Top tips for the perfect fishing and camping trip

Top tips for the perfect fishing and camping trip

Although fishing isn’t exclusively a male pursuit, it has been a popular pastime of many men for years.  There’s nothing better than sitting by a lake and tapping into that almost meditative zen that comes with emptying the mind.   Freely accessing a mental box of nothing is relaxing.

Now that the summer is here, there is nothing more soothing for the soul than watching the sun rise over a lake.  For some it doesn’t even matter how many fish wind up flapping in the keep net.

Does this sound like your sort of holiday?

If you’re avidly into fishing, this article will help you plan the perfect camping and fishing trip.


Research the best places for your holiday


Everyone has different needs.  For some people, they want to be up early, do a little fishing, and end up in a pub by teatime.  Other people want to go fishing with their family to spend some time getting to know each other.  Then there are those that are looking for a few days of complete isolation.

There isn’t one particular place in the UK that can cater for all needs.  And there are often little gems hidden around the island that you may not have found hadn’t you spent a ton of time on the internet.

Whilst Google is a great place to look, the websites you come across are all going to advertise your retreat in glittering terms.  Make sure you check the reviews, or look at Trust Pilot.  Real people will cut through the marketing bumph and give you honest appraisals.


Fishing father and son


Check the local area for bait and breakables


Depending on what you want to catch depends on where you will end up.  Obviously if you are keen on catching freshwater trout, camping by a beach might not be the best idea.  But there is also the problem that you could run out of bait or your line could finally break.

You want to make sure that you can get all the equipment and breakables in the local area.  Otherwise, you need to make sure you have enough stock.  For a lot of bait types stocking would be fine, but for others (such as maggots) your bait might not spend long enough in that stage before forming a chrysalis.


Boy baiting the hook 


Think about your clothing


Right now, you are looking at a long stretch of summer.  But even now, the early part of the morning can be a bit chilly.  And it isn’t like you are in your nice house, with nice thick walls, and a kettle that boils water within three minutes.  You might need some thicker clothing.

If you prepare to have layers so that by the time the scorching rays are burning through your jumper, you can strip down to a more sensible t-shirt and shorts, then you could be onto a winner. 


Talking about baring flesh


Whether you are going on your own, or with a family, it is a good idea to stock up on sun cream.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a pale vampiric redhead who turns the colour of a blushing lobster in the sun or have dark or tanning skin.  Protect yourself.

Make sure you have enough sun cream to last your entire holiday, especially if you’re not sure where the nearest supermarket will be.

Before you go, make sure to check our shop for anything you may have forgotten to pack.




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