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Camping Pet Hates and Great Big No-nos

Camping Pet Hates and Great Big No-nos

Perhaps the first time you go camping you are enjoying yourself too much to be irritated by anything.  By the time you are a veteran camper, things start to grind on you a little bit more.


Don’t get me wrong, you still love camping and every time you go away you have a fantastic time.  But there is this burnable little list in your head of things you would unceremoniously banish to room 101 if you could.


If you are about to go for your first time, here is a list of common pet hates, no-nos, and cardinal sins for you to avoid making sure you aren’t irritating other campers.

 Annoyed Camping Ranger

Playing loud music in the campground


Music may well be the food of love in most places. However, by far the biggest complaint campers have about their temporary neighbours is how loud they are playing their music in the campground.


No matter how much you love Taylor Swift’s latest offering, it doesn’t mean that everyone else wants to hear it.  It’s also not a great idea to be blasting Disturbed’s new single in the evening either.


Most campgrounds have “quiet hours” at any rate.  However, it’s just plain courtesy not to pollute someone else’s holiday with your special summer anthems.  Keep it down.


Walking through other people’s campsites


If you speak to any veteran campers, they will all tell you the same thing.  It’s poor etiquette to stroll through someone else’s site.  Similarly, if your children wander onto another site, it won’t be taken too kindly.


As much as it is great to meet new people, the pitch outline pretty much is a good marker for someone’s personal space.   There are plenty of places to walk, and children will find a lot of space to stretch their little legs around the campground.


Leaving litter over the campsite is a pet of many


Here we are in the twenty-first century and still there are people who haven’t mastered the art of cleaning up after themselves.  Not only does discarded packaging look horrendous, but it can cause other issues.


Broken glass, for instance, could cut the bottom of a tent.  Or a foot.


It’s just inconsiderate.  Someone will have to clean it up as nobody wants to pitch their tent on a landfill site.  It doesn’t take much to run around with a black bag after you have packed up.  Or better still, separate your recycling.  Most campgrounds have the bins needed.


Uncontrolled bad language


Going away to relax is a good thing.  And if you are going away with a group of friends camping, you will be welcome on all campgrounds.  Although, there is a special circle of hell designed for those who wander round a family-friendly site swearing like sailor in a bar fight.


It doesn’t hurt to be a bit mindful of what noises fall out of your face; especially if there are families around.  Nobody will thank you for teaching their youngsters new and colourful words. 


It is unpleasant to listen to, and incredibly discourteous.


Tree carving


Harming trees is a big no-no


You know those people who like to carve their names in the barks with hearts and initials?  Well, they are irritating.  Not because they are madly in love and the rest of us are ten years in with kids.  There is just no need.  But people keep doing it.


Just as bad are those that bring saws and start hacking up bits of tree because they want to make a campfire.  Honestly, these people think they are Bear Grylls.  Problem is though, branch wood is not really that good for fires.


If you must light a fire, make sure you bring firewood, or other fuel that won’t harm the picturesque environment around you.

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