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The best Halloween camping events of 2022

The best Halloween camping events of 2022

Who says camping is simply a summer pursuit?  There are plenty of spooky Autumners that enjoy getting out in their tents and caravans.  In fact, I can’t think of a better way to spend Halloween than in a chilly autumn night isolated somewhere woody, dark, and spooky.


Just think of the tales people will be telling around campfires on that night.


It’s enough to send a delicious chill up your spine just thinking about it.  Luckily, there are places that host spooktacular events that invite you to camp.  Here is a round up of this year’s best Halloween camping events.


Dog Camping Halloween 


Alton Towers Resort Scarefest


A mile away from Alton, The Star Club Site is Alton Towers Resort.


No matter how strong your stomach, there is something for you here.  Whether you’re just in it for a little spooky fun, or you want gut-grinding terror you will enjoy Alton Towers Resort’s Scarefest.


For the family of gentle spooksters there are plenty of Halloween themed shows and surprises around the gardens.  But if you are a proper Halloween Horror Hound, then you can brave the stomach-churning rides in complete darkness. 


Whitby Abbey, North Yorkshire


Bram Stoker once visited Whitby Abbey and was inspired to write his gory gothic tale “Dracula”.  The good news is, you can camp at Whitby Abbey and be chilled to the bone in much the same way.


Stay awake for the illumination shows or visit the family friendly trails and events during the day.  Also, Halloween falls at the end of Whitby’s Goth Weekend which includes a music festival. 


What could be spookier than visiting a place where everyone is dressed as their own prince or princess of darkness?


Muncaster Castle


A mere five-minute journey from Ravenglass Club Site (which already sounds like an Edgar Allan Poe setting) is Muncaster Castle.


The castle itself was built in the 1200s and is a suitably spooky location for any Halloween ghostbuster.  It is believed to be one of Great Britain’s most haunted castles.  Dare you take the guided tour?


Every year they run harrowingly spectacular activities, themed shows, workshops, and spooky garden trails.


Ghost Walk York


The Ghost Hunt of York


A short drive from Slingsby Club Site is the centre of York.  Renowned for its bloody history at the North of England, York is the perfect city to visit if you like a little spooking.  Join your guide, complete with top hat and death knell, as wind up the shambles.


This will take you to York’s bloodiest, goriest, and most haunted locations.  Your guide will regale you with dark tales of the past as you wend your way through this history City.


Make sure you book nice and early as this event, despite running twice a day, is popular and often books out.


For more information about camping, or getting everything you need or your Halloween campfest, send a message to UK Camping.

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