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Things to consider before taking your motorhome to Europe

Things to consider before taking your motorhome to Europe

There is a liberty to being a motorhome owner that those without just can’t appreciate.  It’s simpler than driving somewhere just to stop and put up a tent.  You can cover many miles before you sleep, and it is convenient for getting to restaurants or supermarkets.


In fact, more and more people are investing in a good motorhome.  And they are not just staying in the UK.  Motorhomes are versatile enough to rip around the continent in too.


If you are thinking of taking your motorhome across Europe, here are some important things for you to remember.

Europe signposts


Gas needs a little more consideration that you realise


Just like in the UK, gas/LPG is widely available.  However, don’t assumer that you can buy a European gas bottle and it will simply slip onto the UK system you have been carting around.  The connections, unfortunately, are completely different.


You may have to consider buying European hose connections for your motorhome.  Or, if you’re planning on an extended stay in Europe, you could invest in a refillable system so that you can fill up on LPG at literally hundreds of locations.  This will work out far cheaper in the long run too.



Water and waste are less of a problem than you might think


You might be considering forgoing the campsite experience for much of the journey.  IN the UK, that could pose a bit of a problem as waste disposal and freshwater seem to be infrequent and scarce.  However, in Europe, it is a lot easier than you would imagine.


Disposing of your waste in Europe is much easier.  There are plenty of waste disposal points at motorway service stations, alongside freshwater taps that are available for campers to use.  Keep some change with you as you might need it at service stations.


 We love a good checklist

There is a checklist of things you must have with you in Europe


The UK, in some ways is a lot easier going.  In Europe there is a larger list of items and paperwork that needs to be carried with you at all times.


You must have, for instance, a warning triangle, headlight deflectors, and an sticker illustrating the country your vehicle is registered in.  You must also ensure that every person in the vehicle must have an easily accessible high-vis jacket.


Don’t forget your proof of insurance, your driving licence, and the real vehicle logbook.  This is not, by any means, an exhaustive list.  When you know which countries you are going to visit, it is best to do an extensive deep-dive of research for your journey to make sure that you aren’t caught short in Europe without the right equipment or paperwork.



Getting to Europe might be more problematic than driving around it


You would think the hardest part of the journey happens when you drive around countries you have never been before.  You genuinely might find that easier to plan as you go.  What you do need to plan well in advance, is how you are getting to Europe.


There are obviously many choices, from driving through the channel to taking a ferry directly across.  The channel is obviously much cheaper but can be a tiring and long drive.  Pick your route across and pick it early.  The sooner you know, the cheaper it all might be.


For more advice on camping holidays check out our other articles, or visit the shop for anything you might need on your journey.


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